Moms Fund Single Asian Mothers Charity

We are on a mission and we need your help! All throughout Asia there are poor single mothers who are in dire need of a helping hand. Since 2007 we have been travelling throughout southeast Asia counselling and consoling young ladies going through difficult times. Providing funding for baby milk, diapers, lodging, food and other vital living supplies for young mothers in need, we are tirelessly scouring even the smallest of villages for desperate young girls to help.

We can only do so much and we need your contribution to continue doing our good deeds. For a small cash donation you can help a lovely young Asian girl through another tough day. Small money from you can provide sorely needed aid for some troubled Asian ladies.  If you are interested to help a single Asian mom, please join our donors club.

Our donors get the satisfaction of helping out a needy mother of their choice.  From giving needed supplies, to cash donations, we also give vocational training to each and every girl we help so they can continue to provide for their children. Give today,  and enjoy the feeling of helping someone in true need!

To find out how to become a member of this exclusive charity, please contact us today to learn more about how spread the love.  Get involved and make a real difference.

We are in desperate need of donations at this critical time.  Indonesia has gone into a new strict lockdown since July 1, 2021.

please send your COVID relief donations to:

What our contributors are saying-

great job!!!!

Wow! Charity done right gentlemen. The look on these young girls faces is worth donating, I plan to visit often to see the good work you guys are doing.

Helping hands

ok, so i like the pretty girl, and the poor girl need more helping. this perfection ways of being good guys with the sexy young asian with no husbands;